World Porridge Day

The 10th  October is World Porridge Day! Porridge is a traditional breakfast dish that is made from simmering oats in either milk or water and was believed to have originated in Scotland.  Simple yet versatile, a hearty bowl of porridge has become a staple breakfast dish due to its high nutritional value and ability to provide you with the feeling of fullness, making it a perfect way to start your day.

World Porridge Day with Love Your Gut

Breaking the fast

Breakfast, meaning ‘breaking the fast’, is often described as the most important meal of the day. It is the first opportunity for your body to gain the nutrition needed after the overnight fast and provide your body with the energy needed for the rest of the day 1. There are benefits to having a regular breakfast including being seen to improve concentration and attentiveness levels in children. 2

Oats, one of the main components of porridge is a wholegrain food packed with nutrients. They consist of three layers -the bran (outer layer), the germ and the endosperm (central area) 4, with the germ being the most nutritionally dense area. Oats are filled with fibre, protein and B vitamins 4 which all contribute to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Resistant starches within oats are also beneficial for your gut microbiota (the tiny microorganisms living in your gut), helping reduce the growth of harmful microbes (i.e., bacteria) in your gut5.

World Porridge Day with Love Your Gut

Personalise your porridge!

When you first think of porridge, you might think “simple” and “bland”. But there are  many ways to jazz-up and customise porridge to suit your taste!

Top tips for making porridge

  • Add some fresh fruit such as blueberries, banana, apple or pear
  • Add some seeds/nuts such as chia and walnuts to enhance flavour and texture whilst contributing to your weekly plant points! It’s a win-win!

Love Your Gut

Some people opt for a savoury porridge too, so you can find a recipe that works for your go-to weekday breakfast! If you need some further inspiration why not try our Oat Porridge with fruit and toasted seeds recipe

World Porridge Day with love Your Gut


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