Food waste is a major issue in the UK. We throw away 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink from our homes every year, of which, the majority could have been eaten!

In light of yesterdays news that Tesco’s generated almost 30,000 tonnes of food waste in the first six months of 2013, we wanted to highlight the work of Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) and provide some simple suggestions to use up your ‘left-overs’.

WRAP’s work helps people recycle more and waste less, both at home and at work. The focus of this blog is their LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE campaign, which aims to raise awareness of the need to reduce food waste and provide simple steps to help us take action.

The most ‘wasted’ food group is fruit and vegetables – we throw away on average 26% of the fruit and vegetables that we purchase!

Fruit and vegetables are brilliant sources of vitamins and are high in fibre which can help keep your digestive system ‘healthy’.

Below are a few tips  to help ensure we don’t waste our valuable fruit and vegetables, to find more hints and tips check out the LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE website:

LOVE FOOD HATE WASTE                          WRAP

  • Make a delicious fruit salad with your left over fruit, and take it to lunch the next day
  • Store your left over vegetables from a few dinners, in the fridge (in a storage box), and then throw them into a delicious stir fry mid week
  • Keep your bananas out of the fruit bowl – they make the other fruit ripen quickly!