Suffering in Silence – new research

  • Over half of us (59%) are suffering with gut health issues but are shying away from discussing these with friends, family, colleagues and even GPs.
  • Over 1 in 3 (38%) people say they would rather discuss sex than digestive health and 1 in 5 would prefer to talk about money or relationships.
  • Over 1 in 4 (28%) people have not visited a medical professional to discuss their symptoms.
  • This new research highlights that talking about gut health issues offers a number of benefits including feeling less stressed and better able to manage symptoms, as well as receiving a diagnosis.


The results show that digestive health is most definitely considered a taboo topic, but it is important that people don’t suffer in silence, as gut health conditions can have a big impact on all areas of life. Of those with digestive health issues, 1 in

3 say they worry about leaving the house in case they aren’t able to find a bathroom and 1 in 10 take a change of underwear with them when going out. At work, 15% of people have worried about colleagues thinking they were ‘skiving’ when they have spent an extended period of time in the toilet and a similar amount have had to take a day off due to their gut health symptoms. One in 10 people have cancelled plans with friends due to digestive symptoms and a similar number have even suffered with depression because of it.

This new research reveals the benefits that talking can offer to those suffering with gut health conditions. Of those surveyed, over 1 in 3 (39%) said they felt less worried or stressed after talking to friends or family and 27% said these conversations prompted them to book a medical appointment.

After visiting and talking to a medical professional, close to 1 in 4 (23%) felt a sense of relief due to receiving a diagnosis, 17% felt less worried or stressed and a similar amount (16%) felt more confident on how to manage their symptoms.

Jo Travers – Love Your Gut Dietitian

As Love Your Gut Dietitian Jo Travers says; “Talking about your problems puts the other people in your life in the picture, and this is no different for digestive issues. Dealing with digestive problems alone can be stressful and isolating. Once your partner, friend or co-worker knows the challenges you face, you can give them the opportunity not only to understand your situation, but also to support you.”

Download Love Your Gut’s #GutTalk Guide

Love Your Gut is actively encouraging everyone to discuss digestive health worries during Love Your Gut Week (16-22 September 2019) to lessen the ‘talking taboo’. To that end they have launched a new free-to-download #GutTalk Guide The  guide contains expert tips on how to talk to your GP, friends & family, employers, colleagues and new love interests.

Ask Jo – Join in our Facebook Live Q&A – 19 September 2019 from 19:00

In addition, you can talk to Love Your Gut dietitian Jo Travers about any gut health worries during her Facebook Live Q&A on 19 September 2019 from 19:00 and join in the conversation online using #GutTalk.