Love Your Gut Week 2019 – Facebook Live

If you missed our Facebook Live Q&A with Jo Travers last night you can still view it if you join our Facebook Group here.  Jo has said that if anyone has any other questions she is happy to answer them – so just add them to the comments box today!


3 things we learnt from our Live Q&A


  • IBS and what are the symptoms?

Jo’s answerIBS is a specific condition and there are a few things that need to happen to be diagnosed, but it’s important to diagnose – symptoms could be all sort of things so it’s key that it is checked out, even if you have a slight concern. In order to diagnose, your GP needs to rule out Coeliac Disease (has similar symptoms as IBS e.g. constipation, pain and bloating). GP may give you a blood test, take a biopsy or could do a colonoscopy. Main symptoms of IBS, usually, revolve around diarrhoea or constipation, as well as bloating and gurgling sounds.


  • Gut and water intake, how much is needed?

Jo’s answerAlways make sure to have plenty of fluid, you need plenty and plenty of water. As a dietitian, I see all the time people who do not drink enough – I suggest building up to it, every hour have a glass of water and that will keep everything lubricated.


  • Why people are experiencing bad bloating after eating?

 Jo’s answerThis is a really common thing with IBS and digestive symptoms. Actually if it’s most food, , it might actually be a mechanical thing going on… digestion starts from the mouth, we have chemical digestion from the saliva that breaks down carbohydrates in our food and also have mechanical digestion which breaks down the food into smaller pieces so the stomach doesn’t have to work so hard. If you talk or eat quickly, or do not pay attention when you’re eating, you can end up swallowing lots of air which is one of the most common causes of bloating from all foods.


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