Time to get your rackets ready!

Everyone loves Wimbledon!   The iconic tennis tournament that began in the 1870’s and has been played every year – except during the Second World War and in 2020 during the pandemic –  is back!  Whether you’re a tennis fan or not, there is something about this tournament that will capture your imagination as it returns this summer! It’s time to get your rackets ready!

If watching The Championships is encouraging you to get out on the courts, then you may be interested to know what benefits playing tennis can have for your health.1


In the UK, adults are recommended to do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. You’ll be pleased to hear that a game of doubles tennis counts as a moderate intensity activity.2 If you want to up the intensity, then play a singles game, as that will get you moving around the court even more!

Aerobic activity

Regular participation in aerobic activities, including tennis, can have benefits for our cardiovascular system.  It can also, support achieving or maintaining a healthy weight, especially when combined with a healthy, balanced diet.1

Tennis gets you moving!

Tennis gets the whole body moving; your leg muscles are used to dart across the court, your upper body is used to swing the racket, and these all require core strength to put as much power behind these moves as possible.

Bone health

The Royal Osteoporosis Society explains that exercise is important for bone health, in particular weight-bearing exercise with impact and muscle strengthening exercises .3 Tennis is considered a moderate impact exercise. Research has shown that bone mineral content and bone mineral density – markers of bone health – are greater in tennis players compared to non-tennis players.1

So next time you are out on the court, you can think about all the benefits your body is getting, as well as all the fun you are having!

Further information

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Photo: John Fornander


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