If you’re lucky enough to be travelling abroad this summer….we’re jealous!

But, with more that 20-50% of people travelling from westernised to developing countries experiencing diarrhoea (1) here are some simple tips to help reduce your chance of the ‘travellers trots’!

  • Always wash your hands before consuming any food or drink
  • Drink plenty of water whilst you enjoy the sun but make sure to drink only “safe” beverages, such as those that have been boiled, bottled, or carbonated(1)
  • Make sure your fruit and vegetables are peeled, avoid those with damaged skin (1,2)
  • Ice-cream from unreliable sources, including street vendors, should be avoided (2)
  • Science shows taking a probiotic before travelling could help to reduce you chance of  ‘travellers trots’

We hope these tips are useful, have a great holiday!










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