Love Your Gut Week 2021, today sees the launch of our updated revamped and renamed Food, Mood & Symptoms Diary! Happy Love Your Gut Week 2021!

Food, Mood & Symptoms Diary

Here at Love Your Gut, we are passionate about ensuring that there are tools available to help us all be more open about talking about gut health issues.

So this year, especially for Love Your gut Week we have updated, revamped and are relaunching our Food, Mood & Symptoms Diary!

Fill in Your Diary

Using a Food, Mood & Symptoms Diary is one of the best methods for identifying foods or food patterns that may be triggering the development of our symptoms. Use this diary to record everything you eat and drink, your mood and your symptoms for at least one week. Also note down your sleep patterns, medication/supplement use and bowel movements. Use a new page for each day.

Download your copy

You will then have a completely accurate reference to use while discussing your symptoms with your healthcare professional (registered dietitian, GP or nurse with nutritional training) and to help identify potential triggers.

Don’t forget the Love Your Gut Information Pack and Digestive Health Assessment!

Don’t forget you can also Download a copy of the Love Your Gut Information Pack and do your own Digestive Health Assessment!

Love Your Gut Week 2021 - Love Your Gut Information Pack


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