In the run-up to Gut Week, we are encouraging people to get talking about their bowels…









Here at Love Your Gut, we are extremely excited for the start of our National campaign in August to help promote awareness of gut health.

There are millions of people within the UK who suffer from digestive problems, and seeking help and support for these issues can sometimes be a daunting prospect. However, it is essential that people are encouraged to talk about their gut.

For most of us, abdominal issues may just be warning signs that we are doing too much, things are upsetting us, or we are eating the wrong foods and not giving ourselves enough time to relax and digest it. But there are some symptoms that could be caused by gastrointestinal disease, for which you need to see a doctor.

We have received a massive amount of interest from hospitals and surgeries all over the UK who want to support the Love Your Gut campaign and help to raise public awareness of gut health. We hope your campaigns are a success.

If you are a health care professional and haven’t yet ordered your Gut Health Awareness pack for your place of work, then there is still time. However, Gut Week (19th – 25th August) is nearly upon us.