soup-pot3Well, there can be no doubt that the weather is turning colder and winter is setting in – but at this time of year, there’s nothing better or more comforting than tucking into your favourite ‘winter warming’ foods. Serving a bowl of steaming soup with a side of crusty wholemeal bread will thaw out the whole family.

Soups are really versatile; they’re great for using up leftovers and turning a few simple ingredients into a delicious meal – and from home-made chicken soup to spiced sweet potato, there are hundreds of varieties to explore.

They’re also a great way of getting your 5-a-day! Fruits and vegetables are a great source of a range of vitamins and minerals as well as fibre, which is important for a healthy digestive system. Remember one portion of fruits or vegetables is roughly 80g, so when cooked this is equivalent to three heaped table spoons of carrots, green beans or tomatoes for example. Visit for more information about what counts towards your 5-a-day.

Try adding some pulses such as pearl barley, puy lentils or kidney beans to your next batch of soup, as not only do they add texture and flavour but they’re also a great source of fibre and protein. Wholemeal pasta is another great inclusion, it adds fibre and texture – and can keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Take a look at the Good Gut Food page for more information on how diet can help to keep your digestive system healthy.