The Digestive Health Assessment has been created by leading gut health experts to help identify digestive complaints. It can be easy to miss signs of possible gut problems. By answering these simple questions you can check your digestive health and see whether it would be wise to seek help.

Section A

There has been a persistent change in my bowel habit, which cannot be explained by stress, changing my diet, medications or going away.

I have seen blood on my stools (motions, faeces) recently.

I have experienced persistent abdominal pain, which is not related to changing my diet or stress.

I have lost weight (more than 2kg or 4 pounds) recently for no obvious reason.

I have lost my appetite and/or feel sick frequently for no obvious reason.

I have had a persistent gut upset associated with symptoms of fever, shivering, sweating and feeling unwell.

If you have answered Yes to one or more of the questions in Section A, you may have a gastrointestinal condition that requires medical treatment. We would strongly advise that you speak with your doctor as soon as possible.

Section B

I either open my bowels several times a day or don't go at all.

My stools can vary from being soft and watery to hard pellets.

I often feel the urge to go but can't.

Stress often upsets my stomach.

There are so many different foods that upset me; I don't know what to eat.

As well as abdominal and bowel symptoms, I can feel so tired and get indigestion, muscle pains and lots of other symptoms.

My stomach is so bad, it makes me frustrated and depressed.

The bloating is so bad, I can look as though I am several months pregnant.

If you have answered Yes to any of these questions and do not have the more severe symptoms in Section A, the chances are that you have IBS. For help, please visit and consult The IBS Self Care Plan. If your symptoms do not improve, talk to your GP or practice nurse.

Section C

I rarely eat breakfast.

I do not eat 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and rarely have cereals for breakfast.

I take very little exercise.

I sit in front of the television for more than 2 hours every day.

I have put on too much weight.

I rarely go a day without an alcoholic drink.

I smoke cigarettes regularly.

I have very poor quality sleep.

I suffer from stress.

If you have answered Yes to one or more of the questions in Section C, you may want to consider some lifestyle changes. You may also like to take a look at our collection of recipes we have available on this site. A height/weight chart is available at: