LYG celebrates one year of blogs!

Can it be a year has passed already since we started the blog? Well it certainly is and I hope that the digestive advice that we have been posting each week has been of use.

From good gut friendly foods and recipes, to keeping off the weight post marriage, and even news surrounding our Gut Week annual event, it’s been a busy year.

But hopefully we can go from strength to strength in 2010! We are planning some changes to the site in the next few months which we hope will enhance your digestive health knowledge and give you plenty of food for thought. While still retaining our popular features we would love to hear from our regular visitors what they would like more of.

But it is (officially) the start of Spring, and while it seems the weather is not in a celebratory mood, there is something we can do that can get us active over the long weekend.

Spring cleaning! Yes, may seem like a dull pastime, but have you still got Christmas presents you’ve stuffed in drawers, or cards you haven’t recycled? How is the cupboard under the stairs looking? Are there things hanging in your wardrobe that you know you won’t wear but just haven’t parted with?

Doing a burst of spring cleaning can be therapeutic for the body and soul – cleaning out the cupboards, giving the home a really good scrub will help burn energy but mentally decluttering is excellent too. And if your discarded goods aren’t in too much of a shabby state there may well be charity shops who can make good use of your wares.