Yes the weather seems to have arrived and so too has the sport! It’s Wimbledon fortnight and that often means that tennis courts across the country suddenly triple in interest. group-rotated-upright


For others of course those perhaps sat atop of Henman Hill or Murray Mount, it’s a great opportunity to quaff drinks and eat lashings of strawberries and cream!


Well there’s nothing like enjoying watching – and lets be honest most of us wouldn’t actually be able to compete at SW19 (with or without a wildcard) but perhaps we need to make sure that anything we are consuming when watching is hopefully giving us a healthy kick!


So, here’s a nice summer cooler for you – with the weather baking down, keeping hydrated is as important as ever. You may not notice yourself getting hot, but if you’re refreshing yourself with cool glasses of wine or beer, you’ll be dehydrated through the affects of alcohol.


So in honour of the summer of sport beginning with the sound of ‘new balls please’ – enjoy and cheers!


Orange, pink grapefruit, lime & raspberry juice


This is a real taste treat. You could juice the fruit by hand or in the blender – or simply eat it separately.


Serves 2

Per serving

107 calories     <1g fat

0g saturated fat 8g fibre



2 oranges

1 pink grapefruit

2 limes

110g (4oz) raspberries



1.     Simply juice the fruit, pour into glass, add a couple of ice cubes and enjoy.