Don’t let the chocolate take over!

For about the fifth year in a row I survived my Lent promise to give up chocolate and am pleased to say that a number of other people in the Love Your Gut team also did – well done all!

But of course you can’t get through Lent and all that lack of chocolate without over indulging can you? Can you? I have to say it’s already proving a little tricky and not helped by my husband telling me that I can’t let all my lovely Easter eggs run out of their best before because of my great delayed gratification!

But I guess the think to make sure I am not overindulging is all about balance. Making sure my diet is nicely balanced and that the chocolate is a treat for having achieved other things. Have I managed my five a day? Then perhaps a smidge of chocolate is allowed. Or have I actually exercised today? Then again, maybe I am allowed a treat.

Does it seem harsh? I’m all for balance and moderation but I also don’t want to ruin my appetite or my digestive health by tucking into those chocolate treats too soon. So I feel if I have it as a reward I’m allowed again now, then I will savour it all the more. And my waistline will also realise I’ve done something to earn it!