Spooky walks

As the clocks changed last weekend and we move forward to celebrate Hallowe’en don’t forget to keep your exercise programme going.

Remember it’s all about taking simple steps every day to better health.

Be mindful that carrying excess weight around the midriff can really affect the digestive system. This extra weight can put pressure on the stomach, squashing food mixed with stomach acid back into the gullet – which can cause heartburn.

Remember your vest!

As the temperature cools down you should always remember your vest – not just to keep warm but also when exercising:

V = Vary your exercise
E = Everyday routines can include exercise
S = Step to it and check your exercise rates with a pedometer
T = Thirty minutes, five times a week.

And what better way then dressing up this Halloween to go on a spooky walk!!

Further information

See further information here: https://loveyourgut.com