With Gut Week running all last week, here at Love Your Gut, we have been talking – even more than usual – about our digestive health. We hope you have too!

But what steps can we take to ensure we look after our bowels?

fruit and veg

We have created some simple tips to help improve digestion:

Breakfast: Evidence shows that people who eat a healthy breakfast tend to eat more dietary fibre, more vitamins and less fat. This may all help to stimulate the bowels to empty more regularly.


Fruit, vegetables and wholegrain cereals: High in fibre as well as antioxidants and other protective nutrients, these types of foods can offer benefits to the digestive system. However, individuals who experience digestive symptoms such as diarrhoea, IBS and bloating should be aware that foods like this may also contain poorly absorbed sugars or starches that may not help with such symptoms.


Exercise: Regular exercise can really help to stimulate the digestive system. At least 30 minutes per day can offer numerous health benefits.


Alcohol: Not only will alcohol damage the liver, it can also cause harm to the digestive system. The risk of disease increases with consumption of 14 units per week for women and 21 units for men.


Smoking: STOP! Smoking is linked to a number of diseases.


Sleep: Poor sleep can affect a number of aspects of our health, including bowel function.


Stress: This can cause changes in our bowel habits and is frequently liked to IBS.