The Unbeetable Beetroot!

In our latest Love Your Gut blog we are looking at ‘Veg Power’ with a focus on the unbeetable Beetroot!

Harness 'Veg Power' and the Unbeetable Beetroot with UK's Love Your Gut campaign

An aphrodisiac!

With its’ vibrant purple-pink flesh and contrasting green leaves, the beetroot is much to be desired. In fact, to some, it is considered an aphrodisiac. Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, apparently ate beetroot to make herself more appealing.

If that hasn’t convinced you to eat beetroot, then hopefully some of the nutritional benefits will…


Did you know? Beetroot is a good source of folate (B9) which is important for our immune health as well as helps to reduce tiredness and fatigue. Folate is also important during pregnancy as inadequate blood folate levels increase the risk of neural tube defects in babies.

There are many minerals in beetroot, but potassium and manganese are the most abundant. These minerals are important for our health for many reasons including supporting the nervous system and bone health.


In addition, beetroot is a very versatile vegetable. It’s not just the purple bulb that can be used, the leaves and stems can be use too – simply steam or sauté them like you would other leafy greens.

Love Your Gut – Chocolate cake made with Beetroot!!

The beetroot itself can be grated raw into a salad, pickled, steamed, roasted or even added to a smoothie for a punch of pink. Or if you are feeling adventurous why not add it to your chocolate cake, you can follow the Love Your Gut recipe here.

Harness 'Veg Power' and the Unbeetable Beetroot with UK's Love Your Gut campaign

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