Many people who suffer from gut symptoms are sensitive to the food that they eat. So eating well is not just a matter of eating a balanced, healthy diet, it also involves being aware of foods that may normally irritate a sensitive gut.

Here are 3 of Dr Joan Ransley’s tips to remember when cooking for a sensitive gut:

  • Onions, garlic and leeks contain fermentable carbohydrates called fructans which should be avoided. Instead use the green, leafy parts of spring onions, leeks and chives to flavour the recipes you cook with.
  • Make garlic oil by gently frying a sliced garlic clove in oil and discarding the garlic clove. The flavoured oil can be drizzled on a dish before serving.
  • Soak a tablespoon of oats, or oat bran, in three times the volume of water to make porridge or muesli. It makes a standard portion really swell up and go further.

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