Wellbeing Tips for Spring

A change of season is around the corner and what better time is there to remind you to look after yourself with some wellbeing tips for Spring ? Life can sometimes feel overwhelming with challenges and stresses of everyday life. So, it’s easy to forget about ourselves and our mental and physical wellbeing. Try a few of these steps to put your wellbeing first!

  • Random act of kindness

Even if you are not feeling 100% yourself, making others happy by doing something small  is an easy way to lift their spirits as well as yours.. Acts of kindness can give you a sense of community and boost self-esteem. This can be something as simple as listening to someone having a hard time, giving a compliment, or offering to help a friend out1..

  • Get physical

Maintaining a healthy body and mind come hand in hand. The recommended amount of exercise you should aim for is 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week2. This can include going to the gym, swimming or  a morning walk. Finding exercise that you enjoy is important for wellbeing and will be easier to stick to! Dancing, yoga or gardening are all great ways to move your body, it doesn’t have to be sport or organised exercise! Being active is also important for gut health see our Gut Active advice here: https://loveyourgut.com/getting-gut-healthy/gut-active/

  • Increasing dietary fibre

Fruit and vegetables are great sources of dietary fibre. Not only is fibre important for keeping your bowel habits regular, it also provides a source of fuel for gut microbes , increases diversity in the gut microbiota and leads to an increase in satiety levels3. See what our expert Dr Joan Ransley has to say about fibre here https://loveyourgut.com/all-entries/hero-ingredients-for-good-gut-health/

  • Skip breakfast? or eat breakfast?

Breakfast can be a great opportunity to kickstart the day with nutrients and start feeding your gut microbes with the fuel they need.   Your body is unique, and when you eat breakfast is really down to personal preference4. For breakfast inspiration, take a look at our Love Your Gut recipes https://loveyourgut.com/getting-gut-healthy/recipes/

Most importantly, don’t forget to be kind to yourself!


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