After months of anticipation, the Olympics are finally here, hooray!  With everyone in the mind of sport this is the ideal opportunity to get back into exercise or a sport you enjoyed at school. This not only will help us get back into shape but also helps to keep our insides nice and healthy. Regular exercise has been shown to help our digestive health as it improve motility of our bowels along with a good diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables.

The following tips with help point you in the right direction to get you back into a sport you used to do or pick up something new. Visit were you can download ‘The Little Book of Fitness which gives you tips and advice on how to get back into keeping fit.


Other suggestions of how to include exercise into your daily routine include:

  • Get off the bus two stops early or park a couple of blocks away from where you want to be
  • Take the stairs instead of the lift
  • Go for a walk during lunch
  • Do housework more often


Love Your Gut would like to wish Team GB good luck for London 2012!