Time to take some gut love action?  

Today is commonly known as Pancake Day throughout the country, and while many people may be eagerly looking forward to pancakes at teatime, the actual day, Shrove Tuesday, has more religious significance.

Before the period of Lent, a period of fasting, many people with religious beliefs would say their confessions and use up food stuffs. Using foods such as sugar, fat and eggs was limited during Lent so these would be used up and have a last big feast.

Traditions have changed somewhat over the years, but interestingly while many people may not fast, the concept of ‘giving up’ in Lent seems to ring true with many people – regardless of religion.

And this idea mainly sees people give up some of the naughtier treats, things which predominantly aren’t always good for your gut. A few colleagues and I at Love Your Gut have made a chocolate pact and have decided that we will not eat chocolate or sweets during the next six weeks. It was a little tough, after having been given a fabulous chocolate recipe book for my birthday last week, but the book will still be there come April. Perhaps though, a little bit of the winter excess around my midriff may have reduced by the time we reach Easter Sunday. I’ll just have to be careful not to undo all the hard work with lots of Easter eggs!

For some people they may decide than rather giving up, they take up in Lent. For instance, have you been thinking about starting a new exercise programme? Did you get a fitness DVD for Christmas that is still in its wrapper? Is your Wii Fit wondering if you’ve disappeared off the planet? Or have you got a juicer collecting dust in the kitchen? Could you start the day with your own fruit smoothie?

Whatever it might be you’ve been putting off, how about making a concerted effort for the next six weeks? You may find your gut health improves as a result. And if you need some extra motivation, then share your goals here and we can support each other.