Being aware – every day of the year

Driving into work today I heard about a National Swap Day and didn’t know if this was a made up cause or had some substance behind it.

Some people are very anti awareness days and weeks, but not us at Love Your Gut as we of course celebrate Gut Week each year! And we are very proud of the week as we want to encourage people to take time out and consider the impacts they make on their digestive health, understand what warning signs they should look out for and seek medical help where necessary. Sometimes you have to stop being embarrassed and take action. It could have long term benefits.

While the 12th annual Gut Week is still a few months away (don’t worry we’ll be posting details here!) I’ve been thinking a little more about a swap day and how we could incorporate into better digestive health.

For instance – what did you have for breakfast this morning? Did you grab something as you were rushing out the door or a quick coffee en route to the office? Or did you go for muesli or porridge at home?

How many of us get the right sort of fibre in our diets? Are we eating pasta, bread and rice? And are we getting the healthiest versions? Perhaps swap for a wholemeal or wholegrain variety.  Perhaps if you go to a deli or sandwich bar at lunchtime choose a different bread product for your sandwich?

I made a swap already today and went for an apple juice instead of a coffee. I know it’s not enough on its own, and don’t worry I’ll be thinking of some more along the way. But what things can you swap today? And will it be too much of an effort? I think you may be surprised.