For those of you who may have missed last week’s Gut Week (although we have had coverage across the country so where have you been?) you may have seen that we have somewhat been overindulging ourselves. 81A-00001073-001

In fact it would seem that as a nation we are 23 million stone overweight – on average we all seem to be carrying an extra stone in weight, so it’s probably a little more than overindulging!

But of course the big problem is where we are carrying this excess weight, and with many of us confessing it’s around our middles, we could be in line for some additional problems – a higher risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and acid reflux and other digestive problems.

But now it seems that summer is on its way out, in fact the summer sun has appeared! And so with September arriving with a pleasant weathered bang, perhaps it’s time to take advantage and get our plans together?

How about taking some post work walks? Or even lunchtime walks? Taking a walk after a meal is good for the digestive system and will help to move towards taking more exercise.

Do you have a garden? How is it looking ahead of the Autumn and Winter frosts? Not only is it good to make sure you’re starting to weed or dig up some of the dead plants but it’s good exercise too! It might seem like a chore but it provides fresh air and exercise and of course – a beautiful garden! I proudly looked at my freshly weeded garden on my return from work yesterday and remembered the hard work but the pleasure to look at it now!

But if we can take just one of Dr Christian Jessen’s tips for getting fitter over the next season then lets think about reducing. It’s hard to give up some of our favourite foods completely and more often we’re doomed to fail, so why don’t we think about reducing instead? If what you like is high in fat or salt or sugar could we find a version that has less? What about some of the baked rather than fried varieties of crisps? Or limiting the amount of packs you have a week? Do you need bar snacks when you’re out socialising? Those lost calories will soon add up – in a positive way.

So whatever you’re going to reduce why not share it here and we can try and encourage each other?