New Year

Happy New Year! 2023 is right around the corner and with the new year comes celebrations, good food and a chance to reflect on the previous year. No matter how your 2022 was, good or bad, the New Year is a chance to refresh, with new opportunities and challenges awaiting you.

After the celebrations, going back to work or school can be tough, so why not get a head start on 2023 by focusing on your wellbeing? New Year’s resolutions are a nice way to set yourself up for the year ahead, getting you ready for whatever 2023 throws your way.


Here are some New Year’s resolution tips to help improve your wellbeing in 2023:

  • Finding it difficult to get out of bed in January? Setting up morning walks with friends will set you up nicely for the day ahead. Enjoying the British and Irish winter landscape is a great way to start the day with both physical and mental benefits for the body. Regular physical activity is seen to reduce chances of developing major illnesses, boost self-esteem, mood and even sleep quality1.
  • Try creating your own hearty New Year’s meals that your gut microbes will love. After Christmas you may feel you want healthier foods in January, so why not try some of the recipes below to spice up your January meals? Cooking at home will enable you to learn new skills, save extra money and it’s fun!
  • See our Love Your Gut recipes here!
  • Create small realistic resolutions. This not only enables you to keep track of your resolutions, but makes them achievable – increasing the chance that you’ll complete them. Why not try a resolution to love your gut like trying one new plant per week, like a new vegetable or to eat your 5-a-day?!

Happy New Year!

Whichever way you decide to get a head start on your wellbeing in 2023, we want to wish you a very stress free and successful time!

Happy new year from all of us at Love Your Gut!


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