Today is National Sandwich Day – why not celebrate with Love Your Gut! The day originated from North America, based on the British initiative ‘National Sandwich Week’, in 2017. Due to the success of National Sandwich Day in America it is now celebrated internationally.

The aim of the day is to help sandwich shop owners and professional sandwich makers promote their businesses, create special fillings and creations, and to give their customers, new or old, some great deals. So make sure to stop by your local sandwich shop on the 3 November if you can!

Or, create your own special sandwich at home. You can get creative with the bread you use and the fillings you choose.

The bread:

There are endless types of breads that can be used to create a sandwich such as ciabatta, brioche, focaccia and sourdough. This National Sandwich day, try swapping these white-flour based breads for higher fibre alternatives, such as wholegrain or wholemeal, and rye or seeded breads.

Love Your Gut – gluten free bread recipe:

You could even try to bake your own bread; here is Love Your Gut recipe for gluten free bread, so that even those who suffer from coeliac disease, gluten intolerances or gluten sensitivity can enjoy this day too.

Fibre is essential for normal gut function, helping with digestion and preventing constipation. It can also help lower blood cholesterol or high blood pressure, and reduce the risk of type two diabetes, heart disease and bowel cancer.1,2 Eating wholemeal varieties of bread is a great way to increase your fibre consumption.

Instead of having the well-known double-sided sandwich try switching it up with a Scandi style open sandwich which only requires a base bread layer, often rye bread or hard bread, topped with your choice of ingredients.

Fillings and toppings:

When it comes to making sandwich fillings or toppings at home you can be as creative or as picky as you like, it’s your sandwich!  Here are a few classic, and not so classic, ideas:

  1. Chicken and avocado. This is a great way to include some healthy fats and protein into your meal.
  2. Rainbow veggie salad. Try to create the most colourful sandwich you possibly can, here are a few colourful veggies you might want to use: spinach, lettuce, and cucumber; beetroot, red onion and red cabbage; peppers, tomatoes and radishes. This is a great way to help you reach the 5-a-day fruit and vegetable recommendation.
  3. Tuna mayo. A classic! This is a great way to include more fish into your diet and help you to reach your recommendation of eating two portions of fish per week. Try adding sweetcorn to the mix, not only will this increase your veggie consumption, it will also give a delicious crunch to your sandwich.
  4. Pate and gherkins (or cucumber for the more faint-hearted). This may be less of a classic to us Brits but it is a Scandi staple, and it doesn’t discriminate against veggies, try this walnut, tomato and sage pâté.

Whichever way you decide to celebrate National Sandwich Day, eating in our out, we hope that it consists of eating and tasting many delicious sandwiches.
Happy National Sandwich Day!

National Sandwich Day with Love Your Gut


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