Use our free guide to tune in today

At ‘Love Your Gut’ it will probably come as no surprise that we’re more than a little interested in gut health. And of course through our annual Gut Week campaign we try and share the knowledge and aim to get more people talking about their digestive health and seeking steps to improve it.

What I didn’t realise until very recently was perhaps how intuitive the digestive system is. Did you know that the gut is the only organ in the body to use all of the five senses to communicate with you? Some maybe obvious – you can feel the pain of a upset tummy or perhaps if you’re constipated, sometimes you can smell the gut or hear some of the sounds it makes. But do you always know what it means? Could you be sure that a sign from the gut is negative or positive and what you need to do to ‘digest’ and act on the information?gt-front-cover

Fortunately there is a new book from Love Your Gut partner Yakult to help! The Gut Translator, is a colourful publication packed with insider information to help you decipher the complex ‘language’ of your digestive system, and understand exactly what the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings connected with your gut might indicate.

 The free booklet also outlines some of the most common digestive disorders, dispels some common gut ‘myths’, and offers advice on maintaining good digestive health. And it’s available for free by clicking the link here.

So isn’t it time you tuned in to what your gut is telling you? It might be one of the most useful conversations you’ve had!