Hopefully everyone had happy and healthy Easters – and enjoyed a relaxing long weekend! With another one coming up in just a few days’ time, why not consider a few cheap and simple ways to include a bit of health and culture into the next few days?!

You could, for example, head out for a day at the seaside; visit a local farm and pick your own fruit and veg; spend a day de-cluttering your home; try your hand at a new skill such as painting, origami or knitting – or simply explore any free museums or galleries in your local area.

Or if you’re feeling daring, why not take the opportunity to try something you have never done before?

For example, what about flying a kite? It’s the perfect time of year, with sunshine and a fresh breeze, and it’s quite easy to do in your local park. Flying kites is also a great work-out for the upper body and your arms, so as well as having some fun you can be doing some exercise at the same time.

Or if you like cycling, what about a country bike ride? You could plan a ride down all those little winding lanes and enjoy the lovely fresh air. Or if you live in a city, head out to a park you have never been to before! And if you prefer spending time at home, why not re-discover your garden and plant some seeds or flowers, this may be your last opportunity to get your garden in shape for summer.