In order to maintain good gut health, it is important to become aware of how your digestive system functions, and to be alert to any unusual symptoms. This week, Dr Phil Tozer (below), a Clinical Fellow from St. Mark’s Hospital in Harrow, shares some sound advice for anyone experiencing gut problems or unusual digestive symptoms:

phil-tozer1“If you found a lump in your breast or your testicle, you’d show it to your doctor (I hope!) without too much persuasion. 

Symptoms in the gut can be quite tricky since a little bit of bleeding or mucus from the back passage, or a day or two of diarrhoea might be quite normal occurrences for many of us.

However if these symptoms persist or become more noticeable, your gut might be trying to tell you something.

If you’re worried, or even if you just have a mild symptom that has lasted a bit longer than usual, don’t sit on it and don’t be afraid to ask: your doctor will usually be able to reassure you that everything’s ok but if there is something wrong, early diagnosis often leads to more straight forward and effective treatments.

So don’t ignore your gut; listen to it, love it and take care of it so it can carry on taking care of you!”

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