Take some steps to better digestion

As it’s Walk to School month in October, it seems like a good idea to talk about walking in this blog.

Walking? We do it every day – so how can it help digestion? Well for many people, trying to find time in the day to fit in some exercise can be tricky, but a brisk walk, something that gets the blood pumping slightly faster round the body, can help your body.

And like the rest of our body, our digestive system also benefits from regular physical activity. When not exercised regularly it can become sluggish and problems such as bloating, windy symptoms, lethargy and abdominal pains can occur.

And while we’re not suggesting you start walking marathon amounts after every meal, a leisurely walk after a meal will aid digestion.

So, as we will soon be putting the clocks back, and while the sun is shining on the Autumn leaves, why don’t you have a lunchtime walk with colleagues this week? The fresh air and conversation could leave you invigorated for the afternoon ahead of work!