Get gut healthy this Springtime


According to the Met Office today is the first day of Spring and certainly the bright sunshine and spring air is certainly helping to make me feel that the cold winter is long behind us.

Well I don’t know about you but it’s making me want to spend more time outside and that can mean plenty of ways to start shedding those extra winter pounds and start getting more gut healthy.

You may find, if you’ve not been too active over the winter (apart from trudging through the snow!) that you’re not quite ready to tackle a marathon. But as our Love Your Gut fitness expert, Sophie Christy says, there are plenty of good ways to get yourself back in the swing of things – no matter what your age.sophie-christy2

“Adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes moderate intensity physical activity, five days a week. As a general rule, this sort of exercise will make you a little warm or sweaty, and slightly out of breath but no more.

Practically anything that gets the heart pumping faster is useful – gardening, mowing the lawn and weeding, keep us and the garden in good shape. How much has started to spring up in the garden already? Have you cleared away the winter leaves? Get out in the sunshine and give you and your garden a good workout.”

A few of my colleagues at Love Your Gut have also started back on some lunchtime walks, amazing what a bit of sunshine can do to the soul! But if you drive to and from work, it might be too dark for a walk once you get home so why not embrace the lunchbreak!

Let us know your ideas for the start of Spring and how, if you’re still keeping your Lent promises, you may be able to embrace them both.