Summer 2012 is here! It will definitely be a busy one, with over half (53%) of the population expecting their diets to be disrupted by the various events and celebrations that will be taking place. So below are some tips for those who are planning to indulge on a variety of foods, to look after their gut;

  • Swap traditional sausage rolls for low fat sausages and Filo pastry – if you’re planning to make sausage rolls for a party, try to use low fat sausage meat and Filo pastry, with a little onion. Bake them to reduce the oil required.
  • Swap muffins for muffins made with olive oil or a sugar substitute – muffins are always a party favourite so having a healthy option would be even better, use olive oil and less sugar, or a sugar substitute like agave.
  • Swap chips for baked skins or wedges when you’re out – it can be tempting to grab a portion of chips but they are high in fat so choosing baked skins or wedges would be a healthier option.
  • Swap stuffed crust pizza for low fat mozzarella and tomato pizza – the thinner pizzas are a better option than the deep pan fried ones; the low fat cheese has only 3% fat.
  • Swap crisps for low fat bakes – try to choose the low fat bakes to replace your usual bag of crisps and choose bean dips with less olive oil.
  • Swap ice cream for frozen yoghurt – frozen yoghurt gives a refreshing and satisfying feeling! As they are fat free and a good source of calcium, it is a much healthier option compared to ice creams.

So how are you looking after your gut this Gut Week?