digestive-systemMost of us have surely from time to time thought about what goes on inside our stomachs – but how well do you actually know your digestive system?

The digestive system runs right throughout the core of our body and comprises of a very complex set of organs. It is a bit like a miniature factory, with each organ specifically designed to carry out its function so that the whole system continues to run like clockwork.

But just like a factory, if part of the equipment isn’t quite right, the entire production chain can be affected. So for example if your food doesn’t contain sufficient fibre, the ‘production line’ of your digestive system has to work overtime to pass the waste out of the body, and may sometimes give up for a while, which can result in constipation.

But problems like this are easy to fix once you understand exactly how the digestive system works and how to take better care of it. And one of the best ways to do this, is to familiarise yourself with the individual parts of your digestive system; to understand their specific roles and how they interact with each other. Do you know, for example, where your gall bladder is? Or what, exactly, your small intestine does?

Well if not, simply visit the Digestive System page of the Love Your Gut site – and prepare to discover just how incredible your digestive system is!