Yes………the summer holidays are over which means we need to start thinking about what to make for the pack lunches. We can often get stuck in the same old rut with our pack lunches which can become very boring for our children. This is not going to help when it comes to ensuring they are meeting their nutritional requirements. Why not try some of these ‘tricks’ to help ensure pack lunches are not only fun and enticing for children but most importantly they are packed full of gut loving goodness.

Wholemeal sandwich kebabs:

Instead of having the traditional four sandwiches how about loading all the ingredients onto a skewer to form a kebab? Obviously this will not work for certain sandwich fillers; however ingredients such as ham, cheese, tomato and bread will all accommodate this idea. By using whole meal bread you will also help keep your child fuller for longer as well as giving them a good source of fibre and adding extra texture to their lunch.

Homemade humus dippers:

Humus is extremely easy to make, so why pay the expense of buying it in the shop. This also means you can cater to your child’s taste buds whilst trying to sneak in some extra vitamins and minerals by adding some vegetables that they may not take otherwise. Serve with some bread sticks

Low fat rice pudding and fresh or dried fruit:

This is a nice dessert option that can be made in bulk then place in little pots when needed. It will also satisfy your child’s sweet tooth whilst also helping to provide them with slow releasing energy rather than giving them an instant boost they would get from a chocolate bar or biscuit.

Why not get your son or daughter to help you make their lunch? Food always seems to taste so much better and seem more exciting to a child when they have helped to make it.