Digestive Wellness campaign

Our recent research has shown that one in four people are failing to visit the doctor with gut health concerns – simply due to embarrassment.

An expert’s view

Anton Emmanuel, Love Your Gut Spokesperson, Consultant Gastroenterologist at University College Hospital in London and Medical Director for Guts UK says:

“Symptoms arising from the gut are at once very personal and potentially embarrassing, but on the other hand also very public, in that they often cause patients to cancel appointments, avoid certain situations, change their wardrobe, miss out on social meals, etc.

“Seeking help to overcome the taboo can help get an earlier diagnosis (and hence more successful treatment) of worrying conditions, but also help find early remedies for the more common simple diagnoses”.

Check out our latest research

It may be easy to take your gut for granted, but this special organ really does deserve to be looked after! Check out our latest research on Mediaplanet to support their recently launched #DigestiveWellness campaign http://www.healthawareness.co.uk/dig…/dying-of-embarrassment