Brides confess to marital extras

Back in the summer we talked about how stress can affect many brides big days, but it seems that after the fabulous wedding day, many brides start to relax. And a little bit too much.

In fact, a recent survey conducted by Yakult showed that one in five brides put on as much as one and a half stone in weight in the first year of marriage.

According to many newly weds, half of women found that they didn’t see the need to impress their new husband, while one in five over indulged on their honeymoons – letting their hair down and celebrating their marriage with lots of food and drink.

And while for some brides this has led to arguments with their husbands over the weight gain, there are more health concerns to consider.

Losing that motivation to eat healthily or go to the gym as there isn’t a fabulous dress to squeeze into means that the pounds stay on and for a quarter of brides, they even started to comfort eat as they felt they had little to look forward to.

But at Love Your Gut we would encourage any new brides to keep looking after their health.

While they say love is blind, and in the honeymoon period your partner may turn a blind eye to a few excess pounds, excess weight around the midriff can put pressure on the stomach, and a series of problems leading to heartburn – not heartbreak.

 Marriage is a partnership and therefore doing things together, encouraging each other to beat the bulge is a great motivator. Create some seductive, but healthy dishes, and make your partner your gym buddy so that the vows you have taken are more in health than in sickness.

So if you have found yourself in this situation, what have you done to combat it? Have a look at our exercise advice or share your tips so that we can make sure that we have lots of happy and healthy newly weds!