National Simplicity Day

National Simplicity Day is celebrated on the 12 July. It is an opportunity for us all to take time to stop, de-stress, disconnect from all the hustle and bustle and think about how we can simplify our lives.

It started in honour of Henry David Thoreau, an American naturalist, poet, and philosopher famously known for returning to a simpler life and advocating for people to enjoy more outdoor activities.

Love Your Gut

De-stressing and getting outdoors is important when we think about our gut health. Love Your Gut expert Dr Maxton Pitcher advises: “Making time to relax can help you minimise the effects of stress and putting in simple leisure pursuits, such as going for a walk or swim, into your weekly schedule will help you achieve this.

Some Ways To Simplify Your Life

If you’re thinking about observing National Simplicity Day and want some tips on simplifying your life, try the following:

  • Unplug the tech

Challenge yourself to take a break from your computer and smartphone for a day. It can be refreshing to not be constantly plugged into the lives of other people on social media or checking your emails constantly.

  • Don’t Overschedule Yourself

Don’t pack your schedule in an effort to get more done. Understand your limits, prioritise key tasks and give yourself some breathing room . It can make you happier and improve your general mental health.

  • Declutter your home

Take a long, hard look at all your various objects in your home and think about what’s really important to you and what is just taking up space.

  • Unwind

Focus on the importance of the simple things such as listening to music, cooking your favourite meal or making someone smile.

  • Go out and celebrate nature

Spend some time in nature. Notice the colours, touch the leaves or listen to the birds sing, a simple pleasure and it’s free! Regular walks can not only improve mental and physical health, but will also give you the headspace to reflect on your life.