It’s Love Your Gut Week 2021 and we start the week with the launch of our new and exclusive gut friendly recipes from Dr Joan Ransley! Happy Love Your Gut Week 2021!

Recipes to help you love your gut, your second brain


Love Your Gut Week 2021  Love Your Gut Week 2021 Love Your Gut Week 2021 - Love Your Gut Week 2021 - Love Your Gut Week 2021 -

The Gut-Brain axis

Did you know that what you eat not only affects your gut health, but can also have an impact on your brain, mood and overall wellbeing?

This is due to the gut-brain axis, the scientifically proven link between the gut and the brain. The brain communicates with all the organs in the body, including the gut, through the central nervous system – a network of nerves that extends throughout our body like the branches of a tree.

Your second brain

The gut is the only organ in the body that also has its own nervous system – the enteric nervous system. This enables it to perform and control some actions all on its own – such as digesting the food we eat. This is why the gut is known as our second brain.

Looking after your gut may seem like a daunting task, However, the good news is keeping your gut happy, and therefore your brain too, is simpler than you think.

Cooking for a happier gut

Many foods that form a gut-healthy diet, such as oats, beans, vegetables, and nuts might already be at home in your cupboards or fridge.

To help you discover how to cook for a happier gut, also known as your second brain, Dr Joan Ransley has created six new delicious recipes for Love Your Gut Week 2021.

Including energy-boosting Banana and Coconut Overnight Oats. Vibrant Buckwheat Noodles with Creamy Green Pea and Kale Sauce, and a delicious Broad Bean and Feta Bake.  Colourful Pan-fried Salmon with Celery, Sweetcorn & Olive Salsa, a zingy Baked Sweet Potatoes topped with a Chorizo, Black Beans, Lime, Coriander & Basil Dressing and fruity Mixed Berry Pudding with Coconut and Almond Crumb topping! Each recipe has been developed to help you support your gut health and, in turn, nurture the gut-brain axis link.

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