So, have you given anything up for Lent? If so, how’s it going almost a week in?

Many of us resolve to give up those ‘naughty’ treats for Lent – but all too often, giving up our breakfast coffee or that dreamy chocolate dessert after a hard day at work might prove to be more difficult than it sounds.

If you can relate to this, why not set yourself a more realistic goal that you know you can stick to for the next few weeks?

Rather than ‘giving up’, why not think about ‘taking up’? Instead of (or, if you’re feeling really motivated, as well as!) breaking an old ‘unhealthy’ habit, try adopting a new ‘healthy’ one.

What about a small change, such as giving up sitting at your desk at lunch time; instead you could take a short walk to the local park or even just around the grounds of your workplace. (Take a look at the Gut Active page for simple tips on incorporating exercise into your daily routine.)