It is only seven days until the digestive week of the year, and we’ve got quite a week in store! gutweek

Not only have we been talking to journalists across the country and will be conducting our own Gut Week on the Road programme, but we will be adding a new dimension to the campaign with Web TV!

Yes, at 3pm on Monday 23rd August, will be hosting a live TV show with a celebrity doctor. Not only will he be able to give you the lowdown on the importance of digestive health and provide some top tips on how to improve your gut health but he’ll be taking questions live in the studio.

So if you’ve been wondering what to do to get your self in shape and ready for any Autumal hibernation then this is the time to get active! And all you need to do is come back to and click on the bar at the top of the homepage!

Hope to see you then! And remember, if you want to bring a bit of gut love to your workplace then order a display pack today by emailing and mark your email Gut Week Display.