This weekend people up and down the country will be doing their bit for Sports Relief. They will be running, walking, cycling, swimming and much more all to raise money for a good cause.

The money raised by Sports Relief is spent by comic relief to change lives at home and abroad. In the UK, the money helps provide shelter to young people living on the streets and aims to provide protection to those living with domestic abuse. The money also goes further a field and helps provides communities in other countries with fresh water and life-saving vaccines along with money to help educate children.

We would love  to hear what you will be doing this weekend to help raise money with sports relief, if you are in need of some inspiration there are plenty of celebrities paving the way. So far this year, Davina McCall’s Beyond Breaking Point Challenge has inspired the love your gut team the most. She is incredible!! Davina pushed herself to the point of exhaustion and so far has raised over £760,000 all in the name of Sports Relief. Check her journey out at

Although we do not condone pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion we hope that you will embark on some healthy physical activity this weekend. Don’t worry if you shouldn’t be taking part this year, get yourself down to an event near you and cheer those on who can – they will need the support!

Remember being physically active is brilliant for good gut health.

Enjoy your sporty weekend!!


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