Gut Week countdown –  seven days to golyg-gut-week-2009-rgb

The digestive health event of the year is just around the corner and the Love Your Gut team are gearing up for what they hope will be the biggest event yet.

While we’re busy putting together packs for ‘Gut Week on the Road’ or dealing with media enquiries, we hear of companies who are also aiming to get Gut Healthy too!

Some have made displays in their offices, others are hosting events, or are even making sure that the menu choices in their staff canteens are serving meals which are little bit gut friendly. And if you’ve not noticed before, we have some on this website, so why not try your hand at creating some delights?

But most of all, we hope that the week will encourage people to talk about digestive health and digestive problems. If you’ve made the first step on getting online, then why not order a free digestive health pack, or if you have a digestive query or problem, then send your question to our team of doctors. And if you still want to make your own display then drop an email to and we’ll send you some posters and balloons today!

So, what have you done for your gut today? Don’t delay any longer!