Today is Valentine’s Day, typically a time when we go out and treat ourselves to lots of rich food and maybe a few glasses of something sparkling! But if you haven’t got a date lined up – or you simply don’t fancy going out and over-indulging (and then having to deal with the effects tomorrow morning!), why not stay in and take advantage of this special day by being extra kind to yourself, both inside and out?

Start the day with a special Valentine’s smoothie. Simply whizz up a glass of semi or skimmed milk with two big handfuls of strawberries and half a banana to show your digestive system that extra bit of affection!

Then for dinner why not have your favourite healthy meal, including lots of vegetables as well as either lean meat, beans or pulses. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than the delicious suggestions included in our Recipes section!

Then spend a bit of quality time simply winding down with a little pampering session – use some relaxing bath oils to help you unwind while playing some of your favourite feel good music. You could always end the night snuggled up on the sofa with that book you’ve had for ages but haven’t quite found the time to read – let’s face it, we all have one of those!