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Chloe (L) raising funds for Core

Chloe (L) raising funds for Core

I’m Chloe, I’m 29 years old and work as a community fundraiser and administrator for Core; a charity that funds research into digestive diseases and provides information leaflets on the most common digestive disorders.

I really enjoy my job as I am helping raising funds in creative and fun ways. The research is really going to make a difference to the quality of life for thousands of people suffering with a digestive disorder and may even save lives! My mother died of liver cancer three years ago and by the time she was diagnosed nothing really could be done for her and she suffered a great deal.  This is a cause dear to my heart.
 During my time working for Core I am quite astounded at just how many people in the UK suffer with a digestive problem. I receive several calls each day from people who are concerned about symptoms they are experiencing and are often too embarrassed and scared to see a doctor. I hear first hand what these people go through everyday and I really feel for them.
I found out that 1 in 6 admissions to hospital are due to digestive illnesses and 1 in 12 visits to the GP are due to digestive problems. And the number of digestive related deaths are increasing every year. It is becoming a huge burden on NHS resources.
Their quality of life may be seriously threatened and can cause a lot of pain and distress.
These are quite worrying statistics.

Having read through our leaflets I have found out that there are small changes people can make to their lifestyle and diet that can prevent these problems from developing and I just wanted to emphasise how important good digestive health is to your life and wellbeing. These changes are be described in our leaflet “Looking after your insides”. Please order your copy by calling 020 7486 0341 or download free from our website www.corecharity.org.uk and click on patient info. Please feel free to have a look at our website to see the full list of titles that we publish.
Why don’t you get started and improve your gut health today and make a real difference!