Christmas and all the partying which comes with it may have resulted in a higher consumption of sugary and fatty foods for a number of us. Coupled with increased alcohol intake and disrupted eating times, this can really wreak havoc on our digestive systems.

Perhaps instead of placing our focus on those New Year’s resolutions to lose those extra pounds we should place more emphasis on our internals – which will hopefully lead to weight loss anyway!



Give your digestive system a rest by cutting out processed foods (e.g. white bread, biscuits, pastries etc), sugary drinks and snacks and alcohol.

To get those bowels working at their best again try adding in a little bit more fibre into your diet. Fruit and vegetables provide great sources of fibre, as do brown rice, brown pasta, oats and various cereals. Try to keep the diet as natural as possible. Yogurts can provide a great source of protein as well as calcium and beneficial bacteria.

And as always, try to stay as active as possible! Exercise will help to regulate our bowel movements as well as releasing our ‘happy hormone’, which will in no doubt assist us through the cold winter months ahead!