Easter 2020

Easter is one of the main Christian holidays. It celebrates the resurrection of Christ and marks the end of Lent, which for some is a time of fasting or giving up something that they don’t need such as chocolate or crisps. Many people give up these examples of junk food because we now traditionally consume chocolate eggs on Easter day. Egg’s are a symbol of new life- marking the resurrection of Christ. However, whether you’re religious or not, the commercialised holiday sees people across the world tucking in and sometimes overindulging in lots of chocolate on this day, hence the giving-up of chocolate during Lent being common. For some, Easter can also represent spring and the new life we see in this season such as lambs, chicks and blossoming flowers. The date for Easter changes every year, this year it will be celebrated on the 12th April.

Looking after your health and wellbeing – tips

Looking after your health and wellbeing over this public holiday will be easier than ever following our simple tips.


• Try to portion any chocolate you have over lots of days, rather than an overindulgent binge on Easter Sunday itself, which can be poor for both mental and physical health. Providing yourself with a little treat every day afterwards is a much better way to boost your mood, satisfy the sweet cravings and be part of a more balanced diet.

Tasty Easter recipes

• Try to make healthy swaps in your meals on Easter Sunday by enhancing the amount of vegetables on your plate and trying to make sure they are seasonal and colourful. If you fancy something different altogether why not have a look and try our gut friendly recipes here.



Get in touch with loved ones & plan for the future

• Get in touch with your loved ones  – share some music, play an online game and make plans for the future to reduce your stress and realise the support you have around you. Exercise and mental wellbeing go hand in hand, so even if it’s for 10 minutes walking round the house or an energetic dance to your favourite song on Easter day might be just the thing you need to give you some feel good endorphins.

Start something new

• Given the regenerative element of Easter, it feels like the perfect time to make resolutions and start something new. Why not take up a new hobby or activity? Yoga or mediation can be very good for helping to maintain a healthy mind. Starting the day with 10 minutes of either of these can be a really good way to begin your day.

Put yourself first

• With two public holidays sandwiching Easter Sunday this is the perfect opportunity to focus on taking time to look after yourself. This could be reading a good book, winding down with a bubble bath or whatever takes your fancy.
However you spend Easter, make sure your wellbeing is being looked after and you enjoy some well deserved ‘me time’.


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