I think many of us have experienced some form of gut problems, whether it is constipation, diarrhoea, wind and bloating. I think you would all agree it isn’t a pleasant time

Why not keep in mind some of the below tips that may reduce the chances of you getting the above gut problems;


  • Top up on fibre intake – try to eat more high-fibre cereals or dried fruits, which can help digestion and reduce constipation. For a healthy bowel, you need a variety of fibre such as wholemeal bread, brown rice, fruit and veg, beans and oats.
  • Reduce fat intake – fatty foods, such as chips, burgers and fried foods, are harder to digest and can cause stomach pain and heartburn. Cutting back on greasy, fried foods eases your stomach’s workload. Try to eat more lean meat and fish, drink skimmed or semi-skimmed milk and grill rather than fry foods.
  • Stay hydrated – drink plenty of fluids, especially water. It encourages the passage of waste through your digestive system and helps soften stools. Fibre acts like a sponge, absorbing water, and without fluid the fibre can’t do its job, causing constipation.


  • Reduce fat intake – foods high in fat / high in oil can aggravate diarrhoea.
  • Food/drink intake – reduce the amount of liquids you are drinking as it may make the diarrhoea worst. If you feel hungry, try to eat dry foods such as toast, biscuits and crackers.
  • Take care with food and personal hygiene – Many cases of diarrhoea are caused by food poisoning; take care when dealing with raw and cooked meats, use a different chopping board for meat and vegetables.
  • Antibiotics – When taking antibiotics, you may experience mild diarrhoea so you should try to repopulate your gut with friendly bacteria – probiotics!

Wind and Bloating:

  • Eat and drink more slowly as this will reduce the amount of air you swallow when you eat.
  • Reduce the amount of foods that are known to cause gases i.e. onions, baked beans, whole grains.   
  • Reduce the amount of starchy foods in your diet – they produce gas when broken down in the intestines (except rice and rice flour), substitute potato with rice or wheat-based carbohydrates.

Have a look at your diet to see what changes you can make that may reduce the chances of you experiencing tummy troubles!