It’s getting rather cold outside isn’t it?

Have you been caught out by the change of weather? One minute it is sunny and hot, next minute you’re wrapped up in scarfs and gloves!

About 70% of your immune system lies within the gut so below are just a few tips to keep your gut healthy, helping to boost your immune system, which may reduce the chances of you catching a cold or the flu…

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics – Taking a daily probiotic will increase the number of beneficial bacteria in your gut. This will reduce the chances of the “bad” bacteria from affecting the host. Why not also have choose foods containing prebiotics in your diet? Prebiotics are foods that will stimulate the growth of your own beneficial bacteria in the gut; foods include bananas, onions and leeks.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and veg – Fruit and vegetables contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. They’re an excellent source of dietary fiber, which helps maintain a healthy gut and prevent constipation and other digestive problems. They are also a good source of vitamins and minerals, including foliate, vitamin C and potassium.
  • Porridge – Eating a warm bowlful of porridge on a cold morning isn’t just a delicious way to start your day, it also helps you to boost your intake of starchy foods and fiber, which give you energy and help you feel fuller for longer, stopping the temptation to snack mid-morning. Oats also contain lots of vital vitamins and minerals.
  • Exercise – Regular exercise will make you feel more energetic, especially during these gloomy days, your body’s defences will also benefit. You may be tempted to eat more during the colder months. Exercising will help you manage your weight better and keep your body in shape.