British Sandwich Week

In honour of the greatest food to go (according to The British Sandwich & Food to Go Association), this week marks British Sandwich Week (19-26 May 2019); where an entire week is dedicated to celebrating one of Britain’s most iconic culinary inventions– the sandwich.

We as a nation certainly enjoy a sandwich –with the sandwich industry reportedly worth £5.6billion a year!

Despite the endless possibilities of what could go into our sandwiches, we don’t really seem to be that adventurous, with only 5 toppings dominating the UK’s sandwich purchases –cheese, egg, ham, chicken and bacon.

Top Tips for a Tasty Healthy Sandwich

Despite their popularity, sandwiches sometimes get a bad reputation for being unhealthy.  Here we share some of our top tips to help make your sandwiches more nutritious:

  • Choose wholegrain breads – swapping white bread for wholegrain bread can increase your fibre intake and lower your glycaemic response – meaning sugar is released more slowly, causing a more gradual rise in blood sugar levels
  • Think about protein – having protein in your sandwich can help you feel fuller for longer – but try swapping processed meats (such as ham) for leaner meats (such as chicken or turkey), fish, eggs or plant-based alternatives (such as beans, falafel or humus)
  • Add some veggies – make it colourful! Branch out further than the usual lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Why not try beetroot, peppers, carrots… the options are endless!
  • Be aware of spreads – spreads can be a good way to add taste and texture to a sandwich, but they can be high in calories. Opt for low-fat and -sugar versions, or reduce your portion size by only spreading one slice of the sandwich. Who knows, once you get more creative with your other fillings, you might not need any spread after all!

Get Creative and Share your Favourite Sandwich!

So get creative with your sandwiches this week, and don’t forget to share some of your favourite sandwich fillers with us @LoveYourGut

Bon appetit!