Survey shows two thirds have tummy woes

According to a new poll, two thirds of women are embarrassed by their bodies. Love handles give us most cause for concern, having been voted the most hated body part by females, closely followed by cellulite and stretch marks.

The new Love Your Gut research revealed 34 per cent of people hate their appearance so much, they would happily consider plastic surgery if they could afford it.

Saggy skin and excess hair are also high up on the list of things girls can’t stand about their body.

However, eyes were named the favourite body part, along with their boobs, hair and bum.

But it’s not just women who have their body hang-ups as men also said their love handles were the thing they hate the most about themselves.

Moles, stretch marks and teeth also leave guys feeling self-conscious.

They also named eyes as their best feature, followed by their bum, hips and upper arms according to the poll.

So what do you like or dislike about your body? And if you’ve got a troublesome tum, do you have some top tips to get it in better shape?