sleepLittle sleep can lead to digestive woes sleep.

When you’ve not had enough sleep do you find it’s a struggle the next day? Especially if you’re in an office, staring at a screen, you may find that you’re constantly getting refills of coffee to get through the day.

But what you might not realise is the amount of sleep you get can affect your bowel habits too. Like the rest of our bodies our digestive systems need time to relax and recuperate but we don’t always think about this organ when it comes to sleep patterns.

You know what it’s like – you stay up to watch a late night film, and you can’t help just having a snack to go with it – so when it should be resting, our digestive system is still having to work to digest the latest bit of food. Eating in the early hours can also mean we’re more likely to put on weight and this is also something that can put more stress on the digestive system.

And of course, getting back to work – lack of sleep can affect performance and could make us irritable and stressed and yes, stress can have an adverse affect on our digestive systems too.
So think about your sleep patterns, try and get up and go to bed at the same time each day and help your digestive system. And hopefully improve those bowel habits too.