Can you make a change this week?   

Listening to the radio on the way to work, there was much discussion about the things we almost did. People who almost got certain grades in exams which meant they didn’t go to a certain university, didn’t do a certain course but had a different outcome on life.

I am sure with the annual No Smoking Day last week that there were people who did give up for the day, and perhaps some who have still given up – keep going if you are. But sadly there will be many who almost did and for them they haven’t yet been able to achieve that goal.

We’re at the half way point towards Easter and I wonder how many of you managed to give something up for Lent and have stuck to it? Or how many of us almost managed it? I know friends who have almost broken their promises, but have managed to stay strong! I took my Mother out on Friday night to thank her for being a great mother (I am one of four children so we share out the weekend!) and made sure that while I had a sweet I didn’t break that chocolate pledge – but I so could have almost made it.

So perhaps we need to make sure our digestive health pledges are realistic enough. We don’t want to almost get gut healthy, we want to be gut healthy. So what things can you realistically do?

Well some seem quite straight forward. Eating slowly is a good start – chewing releases enzymes which aid digestion and break down food to extract the goodness. Doesn’t seem too hard – must be achievable! Or maybe drinking plenty of fluids a day. Aiming for 2 litres is the goal but perhaps making sure you have a water bottle at your desk or when you’re out and about.

dsc_0118I know sometimes I am guilty of almost achieving my five fruit and vegetables a day. In fact I’m very good at almost doing it. It’s just actually making sure I achieve it is the main thing. Which is silly as I do notice the difference in my digestive health when I do! So why don’t we make sure we’re not almost doing but really doing! So this week that is my challenge to not almost manage but to really make 5 a day. What is yours going to be? And if you’re not sure which gut health option you should try for go to our Getting Gut Healthy section for some suggestions.